P v Q (Financial Remedies) [2022] EWFC B9 (10 February 2022)

Published: 10/02/2022 16:49


HHJ Hess. Financial remedy proceedings in which parties’ respective parents had provided them with funds to enhance their lifestyle, which court held to be soft loans rather than gifts. Discussion of importance of determining whether hard/soft; gives some guidance on indicators of each (para [19]). Soft loan repaid purely to defeat W’s claim was counted back into H’s assets. Significant risks attaching to shares in company for which H was UK CEO, but H chose to take on risk and did not pursue more copper-bottomed assets. Held, H was in a position to assess that risk notwithstanding that he ‘could turn out to be another Mr Myerson’ (paras [40]--[42]).

Class Legal

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