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Published: 24/05/2022 09:20


Family mediation helps you make arrangements for children, money & property and can be conducted in-person and/or online.

The Family Mediation Council (the FMC) holds the register of family mediators:

Arrangements for children (including their financial arrangements) qualify for a non-means tested voucher of up to £500 towards your mediation costs if you appoint an FMC mediator registered with the scheme

Family mediators may also be members of the following membership organisations and can be found here:

Parenting coordination

Assists parents to implement their Parenting Plan or final Court Order. The Parenting Coordinator provides parenting support through discussion, mediation and when required by making binding determinations to resolve issues in a timely manner. Further details and the register of Parenting Coordinators can be found here:

Parenting support & parenting information

Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

The Parenting Apart Programme:

Contact centres

Providing support and facilities where children can spend time with family members they don’t live with – there are around 350 child contact centres across the UK:

Early Neutral Evaluation / private FDR

The database for practitioners offering a private non-binding evaluation/pFDR in financial matters can be found at financialremediesjournal.com/directory.htm.


If you cannot reach agreement arbitration provides an alternative to applying to the court. You enter an agreement whereby you appoint a suitably qualified person to adjudicate a dispute concerning money, property and/or children and agree to be bound by the written decision of the arbitrator. Arbitration is usually quicker and more flexible than the court process and will always be private.

Further details can be found at www.ifla.org.uk.

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