VV v VV [2022] EWFC 4617 May 2022

Published: 18/05/2022 09:00


Peel J.

Costs judgment following outcome of acrimonious and expensive financial remedy proceedings (summary here. W’s award included what H had paid already towards her legal costs (£400k) plus sufficient to discharge her outstanding legal costs (£237,000). H had been responsible for litigation misconduct, yet W’s conduct had been obvious and gross, depriving H of tens of millions of pounds.

W had beaten H’s offer, and H had beaten W’s offer by an even greater amount. Despite needs-based award to W, it was not unfair for her to contribute to H’s costs. H sought £450,000 in costs. W was ordered to pay £100,000, a sum that would have been higher had it not been for H’s own litigation misconduct.

National Archives link (pdf available).


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