Updated Guide on Pensions on Divorce for LiPs Published by Law for Life

Published: 28/05/2024 19:12

Survival Guide to Sorting Out Pensions on Divorce

In collaboration with the Pension Advisory Group, and thanks to funding from the Nuffield Foundation, Law for Life has published an updated version of its Survival guide to sorting out pensions on divorce.

The new version takes into account recent case law, changes to terminology introduced by the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act, and feedback from legal professionals and end-users alike. The guide is aimed at divorcing couples who have no or only ad hoc access to legal advice.

It encourages people to take pensions into account when they are discussing finances on divorce with their ex. It explains the law on pensions and divorce, and the crucial steps to take to find out the value of any pensions couples have. It highlights when people really should get expert advice, if at all possible. It provides guidance on how to reach an agreement and what to do if this seems impossible.

The guide is free to read online or download as a PDF.

The guide can assist clients by providing background information to bolster and re-enforce advice given by legal practitioners. Further, where practitioners need to correspond with unrepresented parties, they can signpost to the guide to improve understanding and communication relating to pension negotiations.

The guide is endorsed by the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, and by the Family Justice Council. The project was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, but the views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the Foundation. Visit www.nuffieldfoundation.org

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